a little peekaboo

Here's a little sneak peek of what I've been working on for my next informal exhibit... the emotion I'm trying to convey is a little darker as I'm creating more emphasis on the haunting look of the girls. 

It's been a little difficult to finish this project in the past month because I've been scrambling for freelance jobs and working lots of OT (woooot!). Other than that, everything's been good, all I have to do is find my balance with everything - work, and my passion. I'm happy that I have no other major commitments other than my own right now. This year has been really good to me so far. My health is pretty good (thank Jesus), and I'm no longer in toxic job situations. I'm definitely a lot better. And I'm pretty excited to celebrate my 29th birthday next week (Feb. 26). Yeeee my last year! I'm over my 20s honestly.


xx ss


Trying to learn how to draw on a small scale size again, or actually, learning how to draw again altogether. I lost my touch! My mind's been occupied with other work.. {boo} :(. It's crazy how you can forget how to do something that's become second nature to you after doing it for so long. And as soon as you stop for just like a week or two, or three, you come back to it as if you were a beginner almost. I've been doing rough sketches to find my flow again and I almost have it down. What's good is that it doesn't take long to get back into the groove. 

xx ss


I finally get to catch the rain on a weekend and enjoy the tranquility of its sound as I work. And since I plan to hangout indoors all day I wanted to share the delicate elements I like to surround myself within my workspace.


My cup of Jasmine tea and my Japanese recycled paper notepad that I use as a sketchpad instead. I'm currently focusing on bettering other details in my illustrations, starting with faces. Next would be hands and then feet. 


The faces I decided to practice with is from Alberta Ferretti's Spring '16 collection from Paris Fashion Week.


I'm loving the new rose gold lamp I recently purchased from Ikea.  


My new storage box for my Måla watercolor pencils, also from Ikea. The box, which originally packed macaroons, I kept from Bottega Louie.


Cedarwood incense from Wholefoods to set the atmosphere in the room. I don't have a proper incense stick holder yet, I'm looking to purchase a simple one in the future. 


My dried bouquet of flowers. I think they're just so romantic. 


And last but not least, the faux sheepskin rug purchased from Ikea. 


The pup bought me my own artist desk and assembled it for me in our little studio! I immediately dumped my bag of everyday art supplies on the surface and accented the view with a fresh bouquet of flowers and my deteriorating chrysanthemums. *Sigh* I'm happy.

A closer look at what I've sketched from last weekend's short, filmed by my boyfriend Chris! I opted for Chanel's sultry Pre-fall 16 collection. Be sure to drag your mouse over to the Media page to see our latest short film! Or just clickity click right here if you're lazy.

more copic markers more goodies

My friend Charlene VIllena, a talented artist whom I've befriended via Instagram AND collaborated with, recently donated her copic markers to me! I am so excited to have more to build onto the new collection my boyfriend's mother gave me not too long ago... it's made me so happy! Just so you know, this is my first time ever using copic markers only because I'm very aware of its ridiculous cost. It would've done damage to my wallet. I'm just beyond grateful that these people were so very generous about giving their markers to me and supporting me in what I love to do. It meant a lot. <3

Char also wrote me a very thoughtful and sweet letter that me and my boyfriend love!

xx ss


Just came back from my best friend's beautiful wedding in Cancun, Mexico! And I am happy to be home because it's time to decompress.

Being a short trip { 3 nights, 4 days } it felt like a week. I really maximized my time in Mexico as much as I could. As soon as I arrived at the Azul Fives resort in Cancun, I was greeted with a glass of white sparkling white wine. And that was the start of my adventure. An abundance of food and drinks - all inclusive! Being by myself without my boyfriend at the wedding was somewhat a challenge to my emotions. But we've been FaceTiming each other everyday and it has seriously helped me. :) { He's the best.

I wish I took more pictures but it's hard to when you're just in the moment enjoying the company of friends and loved ones. Plus, I didn't want to risk losing my phone every time I pulled it out.

This was probably the most beautiful wedding I've been to. I came home with a number of bug bites, a large bruise on my knee, a burned back, bloody ankles, and a smile on my face. There was lots of laughter, tears, a little drama here and there { yikes! }, but most of all, love for the newlyweds.

xx ss

marie antoinette and mermaids

During the last Mercury Retrograde {May 19 - June 11} I was in a creative block yet again. It was the longest delay I've been through so far this year. I needed a subject to feed off of. If you've been following me on my Instagram, you probably noticed what they were..

marie antoinette.jpg

Marie Antoinette's and mermaids! I'm suddenly inspired to experiment with color. And I thought Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette was a perfect subject to practice with.  

...Then the mermaids. My boyfriend suggested I sketch a mermaid one day which was the perfect exercise to get my brain rolling and fetching ideas. It was tough because mermaids are way more different than the fashion muses and dancers I'm used to sketching. Mermaids are so much more sensual, revealing, and colorful. After I started on my first sketch I quickly became addicted and then drew all this...

So I think I got it all out of my system..! I've learned to be a little more brave with color. Now that Paris Fashion Week is happening I've been applying these new color techniques to my fashion illustrations :) I'm pretty content with the results!

xx ss