Bundle Up!

Even though the California sun shines on us like it's still summer and ends our days with pretty pink sunsets, the cold that settles in at night sucks. And certain areas of my face dry up so bad that it peels.. And it hurts :( This weather is confusing me. Anyways.. February.. I can only say that a lot has happened already for me this year. A lot of good changes. Some highlights: I chopped off all my hair for a modeling job and ended up really loving it. :) I'm taking up more mystical classes and meeting more new people. Going to Barnes & Nobles regularly and reading outside on a bright sunny day. Seeing my friends every week! And recently paid a visit to a familiar face and his family & friends.

It's my birthday month too. Who knows what'll happen next? I definitely know what I want in life, but it doesn't always present itself to me in the way I want it to. Knowing this has taught me to pay more attention to my life around me, and also to let go; but most importantly, expect it. That said, I'm looking forward to more collaborations in the future and fun projects! And an abundance of creativity and inspiration! This year's going to be filled with so many surprises. Can't wait!!


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