Trying to learn how to draw on a small scale size again, or actually, learning how to draw again altogether. I lost my touch! My mind's been occupied with other work.. {boo} :(. It's crazy how you can forget how to do something that's become second nature to you after doing it for so long. And as soon as you stop for just like a week or two, or three, you come back to it as if you were a beginner almost. I've been doing rough sketches to find my flow again and I almost have it down. What's good is that it doesn't take long to get back into the groove. 

xx ss

marie antoinette and mermaids

During the last Mercury Retrograde {May 19 - June 11} I was in a creative block yet again. It was the longest delay I've been through so far this year. I needed a subject to feed off of. If you've been following me on my Instagram, you probably noticed what they were..

marie antoinette.jpg

Marie Antoinette's and mermaids! I'm suddenly inspired to experiment with color. And I thought Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette was a perfect subject to practice with.  

...Then the mermaids. My boyfriend suggested I sketch a mermaid one day which was the perfect exercise to get my brain rolling and fetching ideas. It was tough because mermaids are way more different than the fashion muses and dancers I'm used to sketching. Mermaids are so much more sensual, revealing, and colorful. After I started on my first sketch I quickly became addicted and then drew all this...

So I think I got it all out of my system..! I've learned to be a little more brave with color. Now that Paris Fashion Week is happening I've been applying these new color techniques to my fashion illustrations :) I'm pretty content with the results!

xx ss