i'm scared

One of my best friends gave this book to me for my birthday two months ago. My first reaction was, "yay! A book!" When I opened it, I was like, "oh yay, I can write in it!" And then I started reading more about it... and I got even more excited. I love testing new limits for myself! I tried to start this book the same week I got it. But when I turned to a couple of pages, I got scared because the things that it asked me to do seemed more like dares. And because the majority of my day takes place at work where it's fast paced, somewhat stressful environment, and with a few difficult people, I wasn't comfortable trying new things with myself! So then I put it away.. for like two months. Until today..

do one thing that scares you

I popped open a bottle of Pinot Noir and I wrote on the very first page, yay! And it isn't the page pictured above, it was.. the name page. But I also wrote on the second page too! And thank god it was easy.. I just had to list what scared me.. I still have a lot of lines to go, which means a I gotta dig deeper than spiders, dirty bathrooms, and aggressive religious people. I'll try and do one page a day... try! I think this'll be a character building experience for me :). I wonder what that'll attract! Woot woot, let's do this!

xx ss