With my hands full of illustration projects to do, deadlines to make, a day job to keep up with, and wedding ceremonies to prep for, it's been challenging to find some down time for myself. I definitely make the effort to try but to no avail. I've been insanely busy and on the go every day that it's been leaving me numb. I've always tried to look for the joy and surprises throughout my days and appreciate them, but it's been harder to find them lately. However recently, these two moments reminded me to pause, smile, and even laugh. 

This is Abby and this made me laugh. There was no room in her fiance's car so this was her seat, right below me. To me she's like my baby sister. She's always cracking me up. Thanks to her she's helped kept me still feeling whole while the pup's been gone. <3

A selfie of my boyfriend in Argentina. Even though we're constantly texting and FaceTiming every day, there's nothin like getting cute pictures. I miss him so much and I'm so excited to be with him very soon! I love his smile... 


xx ss