role model + muse: garance dore

When I started this blog 2 years ago, Garance was the only fashion illustrator I admired and looked up to. It was her success story of becoming a fashion illustrator and professional photographer that drove me further into my passion.. Garance never went to school to learn how to sketch, she was self taught. That alone was enough to keep me going because 2 years ago, I sucked! Lol. Even though I took fashion illustration classes at FIDM, I was still drawing stiff and unbalanced women. It was frustrating and tiring. But I remained consistent with my blogging and illustrating in hopes to improve and change that.

Who to copy is easy. You copy your heroes - the people you love, the people you’re inspired by, the people you want to be.
— Austin Kleon, excerpt from Steal Like An Artist

When I took a whole year off from working last year to do some soul searching, I studied different styles of illustrations from other artists and practiced sketching every single day. I would spam my friends' and followers' feed on Instagram with my daily illustrations looking for positive feedback but it was a hit and miss each time. I couldn't find my own unique style for the life of me so I would always copy Garance's and my other favorite illustrators as well. Garance was always my number one favorite artist to try and emulate, but then I realized I could never achieve the quality of work that she does or any other artist. I've had to adapt to what I knew now and could do, and work with what I've got. Doing so has eventually helped me come out with my own unique style of illustrating! And it's never felt so right to make it my own.. I've even named it! - Intuitive illustrating :) ..

garance dore
garance dore 4
garance dore 1
garance dore 2
garance dore 3

I'm even more in love and proud of my work now. And at this point I don't look to my role model for help anymore! However, Garance will always be my hero and her work will never fail to inspire me.

Thank you for being true to you Garance! You are an inspiration.. I always look forward to more creations by you! <3

xx ss