in my bag

When I discovered the Japanese bookstore in Little Tokyo I couldn't help but buy myself the cute little Japanese art supplies they had there! And even though I really don't need them, I bought myself two cute mini notebooks with lined pages and a hard brush tip blue pen. I don't know what it is with me in buying notebooks.. especially when I haven't even finished one or two that I already have. But anyways to save myself the guilt of buying the larger notebooks, I resorted to the cute itty bitty ones! They were so much cuter anyway! {And cheaper!} My other little goodies displayed from my little magic bag are little pocket totems I recently bought from the place where I take my six-sensory classes at. As much as I want to splurge and talk about how much I love this place and what it's all about, I'm going to keep it a little secret for now.. to save the weirdness and scaring people away, lol. Anyways, so what I have here is a witch's broomstick pen - another thing I don't really need, but I thought it would be so cool to have! And then I have my crystal quartz wand, my seeing eyes {one blue and one brown}, my seeing eye spell bottle, and my spirit animal, the gato carved out of onyx.


So these are the little things I've been carrying around with me and bringing to work every day. And they've all been very useful.. except the broomstick. I might have to stash that away at home because it's so delicate..

xx ss

muse: emma

In last week's fashion blogger study, my pick of the week goes to Emma from A Beautiful Mess. I'm such a big fan of her and her sister's blog. They are ultimate blogger queens! They combine DIY fashion, crafts, and cook yummy goodies all on their blog. They're extremely creative.. and that's what I love about them. They are definitely role models of mine.  I love their fashion mixology concept. They take 8 pieces of clothing and create 8 different looks. I mean, I don't know about you, but since I've started working, I've been finding it kinda hard to pick out my wardrobe every day and every week. And I find myself repeating my outfits... ughh I hate that! But then again, I did just get complimented today and was told I dress well.. :) I guess I'm looking for a way to make my style a little more interesting.. and different than yesterdays look! Anyway, last week I drew up quick sketches of mini muses dedicated to Emma in my little notebook! I usually do most of my sketches at my desk at work during my lunch break. I know some people hate having lunch at their desks, but if I'm there sketching, then I zone out completely :).


xx ss