marie antoinette and mermaids

During the last Mercury Retrograde {May 19 - June 11} I was in a creative block yet again. It was the longest delay I've been through so far this year. I needed a subject to feed off of. If you've been following me on my Instagram, you probably noticed what they were..

marie antoinette.jpg

Marie Antoinette's and mermaids! I'm suddenly inspired to experiment with color. And I thought Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette was a perfect subject to practice with.  

...Then the mermaids. My boyfriend suggested I sketch a mermaid one day which was the perfect exercise to get my brain rolling and fetching ideas. It was tough because mermaids are way more different than the fashion muses and dancers I'm used to sketching. Mermaids are so much more sensual, revealing, and colorful. After I started on my first sketch I quickly became addicted and then drew all this...

So I think I got it all out of my system..! I've learned to be a little more brave with color. Now that Paris Fashion Week is happening I've been applying these new color techniques to my fashion illustrations :) I'm pretty content with the results!

xx ss

collaborations make me hungry

Last week a whole case of Health-ade kombucha bottles was delivered to my door. I was a pretty excited girl. I'm currently collaborating with this brand - which, let me say, I LOVE! It's pretty amazing. After a good hike I usually stop by Whole Foods just to grab some of this bubbly and I instantly feel rejuvenated and accomplished. Now having a whole week's worth of it is just insane! And guess what? I'll be receiving another case of these next week! :D

Follow their IG to see the work I'll be doing for them!

I'm also working on another collaboration and it's with the artist, Charlene Villena. She's got amazing talent and her style stands out from the rest. I'm excited and can't wait to share what we have planned! I've been pretty swamped trying to work on two of these collaborations at once while spending a lot of time with family at the hospital. I've had very little sleep and my mind has been cluttered which has given me a pretty big appetite...

So there's a sale this month at Marie Callender's.. just sayin. This is my all time favorite pie from that place. This is the Chocolate Satin Pie. That is all. 

Perfect way to end the week. Vegan organic wine and food at The Springs for lunch in downtown LA with my girl Jasmine. Also, I'm glad Mercury Retrograde is officially ending this week. There definitely has been a shift in the energy around people and places and I've just been super sensitive during this crazy time! But I will say, last week I was able to get inspired better than I could the week before. I was tired and hungry, but inspiration was for sure downloading into my brain. Stay tuned for the revelation of my collaborations! 

xx ss

arts district junkies

Week 2 of Mercury Retrograde, and lots of ups and downs. Whether it's real or not, something odd is up in the air and it's been throwing everyone off! Anyway, we got one more week til it ends! Besides the downside of my week, I've still managed to find some fun discovering places and spaces in the Arts District  with none other than my girl Jasmine! That area is just full of inspiration.  

A beautiful journal I found at Poketo. I didn't buy it because it was a journal that would be more useful for someone who goes to yoga classes. Now if it was a sketchbook, I definitely would've purchased it.

Spotted this wall while Jasmine was driving and took a quick snap.

More adventures comin your way! And yay, my birthday is coming up!

xx ss