frayed denim

So one way to keep the skinny jean alive is by cropping it at ankle length and fraying the hems. That'll give it a more relaxed look, right? These days we are all going for the relaxed look and want to feel relaxed in our jeans.. and not pressured to squeeze into our skinnies and expect to look ten times better in them. At least this little frayed detailing at the hem will distract eyes from whatever is suffocating in the upper part of the skinny jeans..  

frayed denim


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a comfy silhouette

This is basically the drop crotch Justin Bieber pant. But I'm looking at this trend in denim. Just like the boyfriend jeans, girls want to feel comfortable but sexy. I feel like only tall girls can pull this look off and look cute in flats. But if you're short or average in height, wear heels, like always because then you could unintentionally look like a pear with little feet sticking out. This is a great silhouette to wear comfortably if you don't like exposing your stomach because you're bloated from last night's In-N-Out double-double burger {me}. And...! You can wear your ugliest panties underneath them without anyone ever knowing! The silhouette itself will take the attention away from your stomach and butt so that it'll give you room to breathe, but in style. If your body is carrot shaped, wear this pant with a boxy tank or tee. If you have an hourglass shape like me, wear a fitted crop tee or tank. If you have an apple  or pear shaped body, this silhouette may not work for you.. boyfriend jeans  will work better.



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bare & painted

Here's a new way to button up a dress shirt! It's a tad risque, but it can be done. It's a brand new trend so it'll be a while until this look is played out. And the painted denim continues.. it's a work of art!

styled collared shirts and painted denim
bare-buttoned collared shirt

silhouettes & details

Denim trends continued! Boyfriend jeans are very much the hype these days. It's the most comfortable fit and it's making its way into the new sexy versus the skinny jean. While there's many variations of the boyfriend - wrecked, distressed, baggy, skinny, relaxed, bleached, I feel that the "tailored" boyfriend will soon make its introduction. I can't predict that it will become a fad, but rather just an extension of the boyfriend jean which I feel the life span of its popularity will last a few more years. This doesn't only apply in the denim department but also the wovens as well. It's becoming a classic look. I actually don't even own a pair... ugh! I haven't found my perfect match just yet!


boxy crops_tailored bottoms

The boxy denim crop top is a new silhouette I've found that will probably emerge as a contemporary occasional look rather than a casual every day look. Not everyone can pull this look off however because it's denim, it's cropped, and it's a boxy fit. But who knows! I'd love to see how people style this up! It's super chic.. I can definitely see bloggers like Fashion Toast, Le Blog de Betty, A Fashion Nerd, and The Haute Pursuit pulling this off. I probably can.. maybe, not sure.. lol. Stay tuned for more trends I've discovered!

denim crop top & tailored boyfriends


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color explosion

Splattered paint applications are returning once again on denim. In my illustration I incorporated it as a block piece (inner legs and jacket sleeves) denim contrast.. change it up ya know? } ---

color explosion_

I jumped back into work after a week long {andmuch needed} vacay and to my surprise for my first big project at work I was asked to do trend research for a meeting on Monday. Heck yes! This is only what I've been wanting to get back into since I started working in the fashion industry! Omg I was excited, so excited. Boss lady asked me to incorporate my fashion illustrations as well which made me the happiest girl in the world that day. I was born for this! In case you all didn't know, I began my career as a trend forecaster where I was sketching garments and fashion illustrations all day every day. Not to mention the endless shopping I did that was part of the job which turned into an addiction earlier in life. It was my dream job. I got to work in Tokyo and Hong Kong.. and shop! It was an amazing experience that ended so soon. But at the same time I'm so very grateful for that experience and also the other experiences that followed after. Understanding the fashion industry, the way garments are made, constructed, processed, and most of all learning the balance of design has brought me here. Everything I've learned I can now pull together and fine tune and hone my talent. :) #nevergiveup

color explosion doll

So for the long weekend this 4th of July, I've been working my heart and soul into this project and definitely wanted to share it with everyone.. I'm going to continue where I left off when I began this blog. It's a place for trend forecasting alongside my illustrations. So here's a looksy into Fall/Holiday 15 for denim...! There are 9 more fashion dolls next in line, so stay tuned for the next trending group!



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