color explosion

Splattered paint applications are returning once again on denim. In my illustration I incorporated it as a block piece (inner legs and jacket sleeves) denim contrast.. change it up ya know? } ---

color explosion_

I jumped back into work after a week long {andmuch needed} vacay and to my surprise for my first big project at work I was asked to do trend research for a meeting on Monday. Heck yes! This is only what I've been wanting to get back into since I started working in the fashion industry! Omg I was excited, so excited. Boss lady asked me to incorporate my fashion illustrations as well which made me the happiest girl in the world that day. I was born for this! In case you all didn't know, I began my career as a trend forecaster where I was sketching garments and fashion illustrations all day every day. Not to mention the endless shopping I did that was part of the job which turned into an addiction earlier in life. It was my dream job. I got to work in Tokyo and Hong Kong.. and shop! It was an amazing experience that ended so soon. But at the same time I'm so very grateful for that experience and also the other experiences that followed after. Understanding the fashion industry, the way garments are made, constructed, processed, and most of all learning the balance of design has brought me here. Everything I've learned I can now pull together and fine tune and hone my talent. :) #nevergiveup

color explosion doll

So for the long weekend this 4th of July, I've been working my heart and soul into this project and definitely wanted to share it with everyone.. I'm going to continue where I left off when I began this blog. It's a place for trend forecasting alongside my illustrations. So here's a looksy into Fall/Holiday 15 for denim...! There are 9 more fashion dolls next in line, so stay tuned for the next trending group!



xx ss

mental vacation

Yay vacation time! My contract with my most recent job expired last Friday where I worked full-time hours every day of the week for the past few months. Being back in the fashion industry wasn't that bad overall. I love that I learned some valuable lessons, made awesome new friends and connections, and had a great experience overall. But, some of it was starting to get to my head, just a little bit...!

unplug 1070 x 600

What I hate about full-time positions is that it starts becomes a routine.  And I get bored.. which cuts off the creative flow. My day-to-day life was me sitting at my desk for several hours typing away on my computer and analyzing garments. My time was precious to me, so I would use my lunch break to work on new sketches and work towards my passion. I would also take some time off from doing my work to learn more about patterns by a very skilled and talented patternmaker, who I consider now my friend. I tried to change up my days as much as I could and see what valuable experiences I could take from it. An amazing opportunity was given to me which I'm so excited to do {stay tuned!} But within all that, being around the same people every day, hearing the gossip, politics, people's egos, and daily complaints has caused me to become a little irritable, negative, critical, and judgmental. In the beginning I was very good at blocking and draining all those nasty vibes, but over time it definitely built up again to the point where there wasn't enough of me to let it go. Next thing I know, I'm unable to think for myself or function correctly, and the most annoying part is me being unable to articulate my words... and get my point across.. ugh that sucks. I just find myself talking and talking without making any sense. There's just too much static noise in my head! And thankfully before it got louder, my contract was up! Even though I wanted to stay, feel safe, mostly to keep a steady paycheck, I knew deep down that my soul didn't want it. It was tired and needed a break. It was time to check in with myself again and get back to what I love doing the most.

So... basically my time is precious. The last two days I haven't gone out to see or talk to anybody. I can't talk without stuttering or stumbling over my words lol. My mind's a blur. But, it's the perfect time to unplug, get away, do things that make me happy. Like go to Disneyland, haha! My next plan is to try to land my dream job.. currently manifesting it.

In the next post I'm thinking of doing less words, and more imagery. My head space is just...


anyways, have a good week everyone!

xx ss

the daily grind

Everything has been so fast paced since I jumped back into the fashion industry. The workload is piling, the stress level is increasing, and it's starting to suck the good energy out of me. Thankfully I have those few people at work who are more grounded than the others who can't handle pressure very well. They help keep me sane. Come around lunchtime I mentally check out and spend 30 minutes doing quick intuitive illustrations of any fashion blogger that catches my eye. Then I take a photo of it and post it on my instagram. And I do that every single day. It's a must. It makes me happy to see the results of my work and progress every day. I love creating something new every day!

latte hour

While I try to keep up with that daily, I also do my best to squeeze in time with friends after work, as well as keeping up with my weekly classes. Omg, it's tiring, but I love it, - don't get me wrong. Every moment is just so precious. And I love meeting new people! You just never know what you can get out of meeting a person.

As much as I want to stay at home all day and sketch and do projects, I always try to pull away from the temptation and instead engage myself in something new after every couple of hours. And whenever I do that, I actually find new inspiration! It's something I'm still trying to adjust to, because once I have the wheels going in my brain, - like any artist, I can't stop creating until it's finished. But sometimes I've learned it's good to just take a step back, re-evaluate your work, start over {if you have to, -I HATE that}, and then share it. Since I've been doing intuitive illustrating I've learned to slow down and enjoy the process of sketching blindly {meaning no erasing, 100% ink}. It's like doing handstands and having no wall to fall back on. That's the beauty of trust. Before you find your ground, you'll screw up a lot. And my sketches aren't always perfect; but at the same time I enjoy the flaws too. I just have so much I want to do and accomplish in the small amount of time I have in a day or in a week. But I realize that before I do accomplish my dreams I need to just take one step at a time, slow it down, learn, and enjoy the process. And within that, enjoy what life has to offer. So far I've been enjoying the new people I meet every week.

Everyday you find something new.. if you pay attention!

xx ss


Who does happy hour on a Wednesday with their favorite girlfriends? ...I do. Even though it seriously costed my energy { << does that makes sense? Is the grammar right for that? Lol..} for the rest of the week, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Every time we're together it's just all laughs and stories. It's just those moments that make life not so serious. We all work in the fashion industry and struggle to integrate reality and creativity to our work load every day..  And how we all met was from working together at the last company I was at. We've all become so very close ever since. I love these girls, they're definitely my other halves. Without them, I wouldn't be the happy girl I am today.

bottega louie_1070x600

xx ss

my birthday week

Wow this week was definitely full of surprises. One of them being that I decided to jump back into the fashion industry and work full-time {temporarily} to keep up a steady paycheck because honestly, getting illustration commission work has been difficult! But don't worry, I'm still keeping up with it! It's my passion, so it stays. I started my first full week and I love the work place already and the energy there. In my last job I dealt with so much high school drama that it drained the life out of me. It's a relief to know that not all companies are like what I went through in this crazy industry. On my third day of work I decided to bring in a pop of nature, a stack my of favorite reads, and my sketchbook to my new desk setting to create a zen environment. :)

dior fw14

I celebrated my birthday this week too. The day before my actual birthday was actually when I celebrated it because I finally admitted to myself I was 25, lol. I never could comfortably admit my age now because I'm starting to feel that the years are passing by too quickly :(  And people always thought I was older than my actual age because of my personality.. I just have an old soul, and I feel like I'm growing closer to that age! So on the day before my birthday I embraced being 25 and reflected on all my moments from my past year and saw how much I loved what I created and learned. 25 was my favorite number that day. Not to mention the date was 2/25 too. :) And to my surprise at the end of the day when I went to my car after leaving work, I realized that the parking space number I parked in was #25! That instantly pinged to me because it was a definite sign that I was on the right path :)

25 parking_630

It always rains on my birthday. I think I should stop saying that. That way I can stop bringing that to me lol. But it did, but lightly which made me happy. These past two days mother nature literally had diarrhea. I've never seen the streets flooded so bad. My car was like swimming in the rain. Anyway, I'm happy that I didn't have that crazy weather on my birthday! I would've cried lol. So I got to go out with one of my best friends and my older sister for din din and enjoy a yummy cake :)

26th birthday cake_630

I've also started my next series of six-sensory classes this week which was amaziiiiing!! So excited to be doing this and continuing my path of being spirited :)

green man store_630

I loved my week. It was a mixture of ups and downs and happy surprises. I loved it so much. It definitely tired me out, but that makes me happy because I just have a lot to do! My days just flew by this week.. which scared me a little because I missed a few days of sketching when I wanted to sketch. And when I tried, I was too tired to function. So for next week and the month ahead I plan on doing 10 sketches per day to keep my practice up, attending my six-sensory class every week and practicing every day, dance class once a week, and yoga every other night! Ahhh, I'm excited. Happy Weekend everybody!

xx ss