a comfy silhouette

This is basically the drop crotch Justin Bieber pant. But I'm looking at this trend in denim. Just like the boyfriend jeans, girls want to feel comfortable but sexy. I feel like only tall girls can pull this look off and look cute in flats. But if you're short or average in height, wear heels, like always because then you could unintentionally look like a pear with little feet sticking out. This is a great silhouette to wear comfortably if you don't like exposing your stomach because you're bloated from last night's In-N-Out double-double burger {me}. And...! You can wear your ugliest panties underneath them without anyone ever knowing! The silhouette itself will take the attention away from your stomach and butt so that it'll give you room to breathe, but in style. If your body is carrot shaped, wear this pant with a boxy tank or tee. If you have an hourglass shape like me, wear a fitted crop tee or tank. If you have an apple  or pear shaped body, this silhouette may not work for you.. boyfriend jeans  will work better.



xx ss