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Everyone's at Burning Man today.. and I'm not. Sad, but not that sad. I definitely feel summer is ending.. the weather is drier and it's breezier these days. I know because Fall is my least favorite season and I'm very ultra mega sensitive to dry weather. I'm starting to stock up on Allegra which by the way works like a charm.. and it's non-drowsy. I've been shopping A LOT this entire month, splurging on clothes andfood. Oh, I also started a weird diet too! I've been doing intense hiking every other day and it's driven me to eat more junk food than healthy food. I've been eating 2-3 Sprinkles cupcakes every week. My favorite flavors are Strawberry, Coconut, and Banana. I've also been skipping out on drinking my green juices every morning. And I've been treating myself out to wine and dine alone. I like to spoil me I guess. But with all the unhealthy eating and hiking, my body's never looked better. I guess it's that extra love I put towards myself ;)

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