working hard & hardly working

So far I've been getting the best of both worlds :) And when I have my down time I go looking for sweets or a latte to snack and sip on along with some good company. That's what my month's been like so far. I love this month. I loved last month too. I've just been surrounded by good people and good energy. And when there was people present that I didn't want to encounter, the situation was miraculously avoided. Yay! I'm also becoming way more flexible from doing home yoga which I'm über excite about. My back is bending more and more every day where my head can almost touch my butt lol. I feel like a contortionist now. Maybe I'll share a mini video on instagram one day...


My best friend Alyssa pointed out how I've been hanging out at Urth Caffe too often now. I'm just not tired of it yet, lol! I think once I get through all the designs in my latte I'll take a break. And plus the place is just so relaxing...

urth caffe bear_630

I had an interview today for a freelance position :) So yes, getting back into the fashion industry again but only for a few months. I'm trying to make as much as I can while I'm doing custom illustrations. Gotta make that dough!

true religion_630

Oh my gosh and it's London Fashion Week too? Ugh, I'm behind.. but I did find a designer whose collection I looooved!

AHH! And it's exactly a week before my birthday! *GASP* 30yr old peeps are right when they say your 20s go by like that!

natasha zinko