derby worthy hats

Hatsonhatsonhatsonhats. I call this "derby worthy hats". It's super big, loud, and heavy on your heads I'm sure. I thought of the movie "My Fair Lady" with Audrey Hepburn in that one decadent scene at the derby where everyone was looking fabulous.. my hand totally hurt after sketching all this because of the small details I had to consider.

thom browne ny
rebecca minkoff
rosie assoulin
donna karan
derby hats


xx ss

that mod look

I love this collection especially because my own personal style is currently influenced by the 60s. So you can just imagine how excited I was to see this. This was some major intuitive illustrating I did today. Meaning no erasing whatsoever. All the smudges and mistakes are still present :).



Here are some looks that stood out to me...

lisa perry bare buttoned collared shirt_
lisa perry baby doll top and trousers

Love this silhouette..

lisa perry color splash
lisa perry runway

Stay tuned for more intuitive illustrations from New York Fashion Week!

xx ss