a little peekaboo

Here's a little sneak peek of what I've been working on for my next informal exhibit... the emotion I'm trying to convey is a little darker as I'm creating more emphasis on the haunting look of the girls. 

It's been a little difficult to finish this project in the past month because I've been scrambling for freelance jobs and working lots of OT (woooot!). Other than that, everything's been good, all I have to do is find my balance with everything - work, and my passion. I'm happy that I have no other major commitments other than my own right now. This year has been really good to me so far. My health is pretty good (thank Jesus), and I'm no longer in toxic job situations. I'm definitely a lot better. And I'm pretty excited to celebrate my 29th birthday next week (Feb. 26). Yeeee my last year! I'm over my 20s honestly.


xx ss


The pup bought me my own artist desk and assembled it for me in our little studio! I immediately dumped my bag of everyday art supplies on the surface and accented the view with a fresh bouquet of flowers and my deteriorating chrysanthemums. *Sigh* I'm happy.

A closer look at what I've sketched from last weekend's short, filmed by my boyfriend Chris! I opted for Chanel's sultry Pre-fall 16 collection. Be sure to drag your mouse over to the Media page to see our latest short film! Or just clickity click right here if you're lazy.