the daily grind

Everything has been so fast paced since I jumped back into the fashion industry. The workload is piling, the stress level is increasing, and it's starting to suck the good energy out of me. Thankfully I have those few people at work who are more grounded than the others who can't handle pressure very well. They help keep me sane. Come around lunchtime I mentally check out and spend 30 minutes doing quick intuitive illustrations of any fashion blogger that catches my eye. Then I take a photo of it and post it on my instagram. And I do that every single day. It's a must. It makes me happy to see the results of my work and progress every day. I love creating something new every day!

latte hour

While I try to keep up with that daily, I also do my best to squeeze in time with friends after work, as well as keeping up with my weekly classes. Omg, it's tiring, but I love it, - don't get me wrong. Every moment is just so precious. And I love meeting new people! You just never know what you can get out of meeting a person.

As much as I want to stay at home all day and sketch and do projects, I always try to pull away from the temptation and instead engage myself in something new after every couple of hours. And whenever I do that, I actually find new inspiration! It's something I'm still trying to adjust to, because once I have the wheels going in my brain, - like any artist, I can't stop creating until it's finished. But sometimes I've learned it's good to just take a step back, re-evaluate your work, start over {if you have to, -I HATE that}, and then share it. Since I've been doing intuitive illustrating I've learned to slow down and enjoy the process of sketching blindly {meaning no erasing, 100% ink}. It's like doing handstands and having no wall to fall back on. That's the beauty of trust. Before you find your ground, you'll screw up a lot. And my sketches aren't always perfect; but at the same time I enjoy the flaws too. I just have so much I want to do and accomplish in the small amount of time I have in a day or in a week. But I realize that before I do accomplish my dreams I need to just take one step at a time, slow it down, learn, and enjoy the process. And within that, enjoy what life has to offer. So far I've been enjoying the new people I meet every week.

Everyday you find something new.. if you pay attention!

xx ss