my birthday week

Wow this week was definitely full of surprises. One of them being that I decided to jump back into the fashion industry and work full-time {temporarily} to keep up a steady paycheck because honestly, getting illustration commission work has been difficult! But don't worry, I'm still keeping up with it! It's my passion, so it stays. I started my first full week and I love the work place already and the energy there. In my last job I dealt with so much high school drama that it drained the life out of me. It's a relief to know that not all companies are like what I went through in this crazy industry. On my third day of work I decided to bring in a pop of nature, a stack my of favorite reads, and my sketchbook to my new desk setting to create a zen environment. :)

dior fw14

I celebrated my birthday this week too. The day before my actual birthday was actually when I celebrated it because I finally admitted to myself I was 25, lol. I never could comfortably admit my age now because I'm starting to feel that the years are passing by too quickly :(  And people always thought I was older than my actual age because of my personality.. I just have an old soul, and I feel like I'm growing closer to that age! So on the day before my birthday I embraced being 25 and reflected on all my moments from my past year and saw how much I loved what I created and learned. 25 was my favorite number that day. Not to mention the date was 2/25 too. :) And to my surprise at the end of the day when I went to my car after leaving work, I realized that the parking space number I parked in was #25! That instantly pinged to me because it was a definite sign that I was on the right path :)

25 parking_630

It always rains on my birthday. I think I should stop saying that. That way I can stop bringing that to me lol. But it did, but lightly which made me happy. These past two days mother nature literally had diarrhea. I've never seen the streets flooded so bad. My car was like swimming in the rain. Anyway, I'm happy that I didn't have that crazy weather on my birthday! I would've cried lol. So I got to go out with one of my best friends and my older sister for din din and enjoy a yummy cake :)

26th birthday cake_630

I've also started my next series of six-sensory classes this week which was amaziiiiing!! So excited to be doing this and continuing my path of being spirited :)

green man store_630

I loved my week. It was a mixture of ups and downs and happy surprises. I loved it so much. It definitely tired me out, but that makes me happy because I just have a lot to do! My days just flew by this week.. which scared me a little because I missed a few days of sketching when I wanted to sketch. And when I tried, I was too tired to function. So for next week and the month ahead I plan on doing 10 sketches per day to keep my practice up, attending my six-sensory class every week and practicing every day, dance class once a week, and yoga every other night! Ahhh, I'm excited. Happy Weekend everybody!

xx ss

working hard & hardly working

So far I've been getting the best of both worlds :) And when I have my down time I go looking for sweets or a latte to snack and sip on along with some good company. That's what my month's been like so far. I love this month. I loved last month too. I've just been surrounded by good people and good energy. And when there was people present that I didn't want to encounter, the situation was miraculously avoided. Yay! I'm also becoming way more flexible from doing home yoga which I'm über excite about. My back is bending more and more every day where my head can almost touch my butt lol. I feel like a contortionist now. Maybe I'll share a mini video on instagram one day...


My best friend Alyssa pointed out how I've been hanging out at Urth Caffe too often now. I'm just not tired of it yet, lol! I think once I get through all the designs in my latte I'll take a break. And plus the place is just so relaxing...

urth caffe bear_630

I had an interview today for a freelance position :) So yes, getting back into the fashion industry again but only for a few months. I'm trying to make as much as I can while I'm doing custom illustrations. Gotta make that dough!

true religion_630

Oh my gosh and it's London Fashion Week too? Ugh, I'm behind.. but I did find a designer whose collection I looooved!

AHH! And it's exactly a week before my birthday! *GASP* 30yr old peeps are right when they say your 20s go by like that!

natasha zinko

Bundle Up!

Even though the California sun shines on us like it's still summer and ends our days with pretty pink sunsets, the cold that settles in at night sucks. And certain areas of my face dry up so bad that it peels.. And it hurts :( This weather is confusing me. Anyways.. February.. I can only say that a lot has happened already for me this year. A lot of good changes. Some highlights: I chopped off all my hair for a modeling job and ended up really loving it. :) I'm taking up more mystical classes and meeting more new people. Going to Barnes & Nobles regularly and reading outside on a bright sunny day. Seeing my friends every week! And recently paid a visit to a familiar face and his family & friends.

It's my birthday month too. Who knows what'll happen next? I definitely know what I want in life, but it doesn't always present itself to me in the way I want it to. Knowing this has taught me to pay more attention to my life around me, and also to let go; but most importantly, expect it. That said, I'm looking forward to more collaborations in the future and fun projects! And an abundance of creativity and inspiration! This year's going to be filled with so many surprises. Can't wait!!


xx ss