style hunting

I love Unique LA! You get an eyeful of rare art, trinkets, and goodies - and not to mention the fashionable kids that go! It's like the Melrose Flea Market. I went just this weekend to do some style hunting and quick sketching for inspiration. I picked a few kids that stood out to me the most.. Please excuse the messiness, this was intuitive illustrating and super quick sketching. 

fashionable men
Mason Grace Jewelry
surfer samantha steven the human

xx ss

venice beach

day off part 3
venice beach polaroids
venice beach polaroids

I love Venice Beach. That is all. The poke bowl was amazing. If any of you love sashimi alone, then you will love poke, because that's just what it is. I got raw slices of spicy tuna mixed with kale, ginger, seaweed, sesame, and other things drenched in delicious magical sauce. Not to mention the acai bowl was heaven.. I had two bowls of that. It was just too perfect on the beach! And of course I came home with my body torched from too much love under the sun. And that's okay! It was worth it because being in the water is so healing. I'm definitely rejuvenated.

xx ss