costume contest

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! I decided to have a low-key celebration this year and instead of dressing up, I dressed up as me! Well more of me.. It was a perfect day to feel comfortable in my own skin without anyone judging. You can check me out on my Instagram! Originally I was planning on joining in on a seance circle last night, but I wanted to have a glass of wine on my Friday night. And being intoxicated in a seance circle on the night where all the ghosts and ghouls are out is not a smart idea! Lol. I've seen so many fun and interesting costumes on Instagram this morning and being the natural trend spotter I am, I've noted a few common costumes that definitely stood out to me. See if you can match the costumes below with each category! We have a Unicorn, a Nerd, a Cat, and a Skeleton.

halloween costumes

..done? :) Here are the answers:

1. Unicorn = C. trendiest


What's with unicorns this year? Did I miss something? This is probably the next psychedelic animal every girl wants to be at least once for Halloween. I still don't know how unicorns became animal of the year. Miley Cyrus maybe? But I guess I'm not too surprised. Unicorns even popped up in a reading I got from a friend last week! I guess it's all the hype these days and everyone's somehow connected to them! I still don't know why though.2. Nerd = D. easiest

I can't tell you how many people I've come across this Halloween who've said they weren't planning on dressing up but end up dressing up anyway. Being at the very last minute they search for an impromptu costume, one that they already have and can build off on, and the easiest. One of them is the nerd costume. If anything you already own these school girl clothes even if you never went to a private school {why? Because some girls like to dress nerdy sometimes. It can be sexy}. The only accessories you'll need to shop for are fake thick-framed black glasses. Everything else can be stolen or borrowed from office supplies.

3. Cat = A. predictable

If you really have nothing to wear or be, this is another simple costume. It's cute, pretty, and a normcore costume. You won't win a halloween costume contest with it unless you throw on some wings and be a sexy mutant fairy cat. Maybe..


4. Skeleton = B. most common

This is a popular one this year. I actually wore skeleton leggings with my outfit last night. People seem to get more creative with the idea of bones, but who would've thought that people can make bones look... sexy?


Happy Pumpkin Day!

xx ss

fashion month

Happy October! So far this has been the most turbulent and exciting month of the year! My personal life, career, spiritual, and all other areas have been shifted, and things have gotten better. As fashion month continues I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the most extraordinary, unique, and inspiring collections on the runway spotting trends and looks. I haven't shared everything I've illustrated mainly because they all go directly to my instagram. And because I've sketched so much throughout the weeks I haven't set time aside to post them all up on my blog {sorry!}. I've been a pretty busy girl, but I'm definitely loving life right now :) ..

This week I've been invited to Style Fashion Week in LA and I'm super excited to be going with one of my favorite girls! I can't wait to share with you all this amazing experience!



xx ss


London Fashion Week just kicked off and so far my first favorite collection is Sibling. I spent the whole day at the beach and squeezed in a little sketching time! I love the big bows worn on every model's head.. This would actually be another  extension of my last post "derby worthy hats".

manhattan beachjpg

As the countdown til the end of summer begins, everyone in California is getting the best of the summer sun. This is supposed to be the hottest weekend of the season. I came home with my entire back torched.. and I'm also super sore from doing yoga all day and nearly drowning underneath the strong waves. It was amazing.

xx ss

derby worthy hats

Hatsonhatsonhatsonhats. I call this "derby worthy hats". It's super big, loud, and heavy on your heads I'm sure. I thought of the movie "My Fair Lady" with Audrey Hepburn in that one decadent scene at the derby where everyone was looking fabulous.. my hand totally hurt after sketching all this because of the small details I had to consider.

thom browne ny
rebecca minkoff
rosie assoulin
donna karan
derby hats


xx ss

long tailed oversized dress shirt

This has been on my mind for a while, and I've been waiting around to put it to paper. And finally I did...! This is an oversized dress shirt which is duh, already that one trend everyone knows about! But one different detail that I think will be keeping this look around is an exaggerated tail of the dress shirt from the back! And other details should include a center back split seam from the waist down, like those guys' coats with the top hats from the Edwardian era. Another important detail is the bare tummy buttoned down look that I've mentioned on my other post bare & painted.

long tailed dress shirts


And there you have it! Looking forward to seeing it happen! :)

xx ss

that mod look

I love this collection especially because my own personal style is currently influenced by the 60s. So you can just imagine how excited I was to see this. This was some major intuitive illustrating I did today. Meaning no erasing whatsoever. All the smudges and mistakes are still present :).



Here are some looks that stood out to me...

lisa perry bare buttoned collared shirt_
lisa perry baby doll top and trousers

Love this silhouette..

lisa perry color splash
lisa perry runway

Stay tuned for more intuitive illustrations from New York Fashion Week!

xx ss

frayed denim

So one way to keep the skinny jean alive is by cropping it at ankle length and fraying the hems. That'll give it a more relaxed look, right? These days we are all going for the relaxed look and want to feel relaxed in our jeans.. and not pressured to squeeze into our skinnies and expect to look ten times better in them. At least this little frayed detailing at the hem will distract eyes from whatever is suffocating in the upper part of the skinny jeans..  

frayed denim


xx ss